QNet supplies a broad range of communications to a huge variety of customers, from SME and large-sized business customers, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations. Providing complete communications solutions to our customers, we sell through both our network of Channel Partners and directly.

Striving to provide the highest levels of customer service, committed to delivering high-quality solutions to our customers at a great price. Being one of the UK’s best-connected suppliers gives us the ability to more competitively price our products – giving you assurance that you are working with a reliable and financially transparent business partner with a highly dependable network.

Ethos/ Mission Statement

We know how important broadband is for your business. We also understand that you need to be able to trust your provider to fix things if there are problems. Providing outstanding customer support is at the heart of everything we do, and our Business Support Team has the following ethos:

We’ll make it easy for you to get what you want

As well as our team manning our customer support line, we’ve also got a wealth of online help for you. From our webinars and eGuides, FAQs and even our Live QCheck Price Chat, we have a way to help you get what you need.

Heighten your safeguarding

Our wide range of bolt ons and data management options make it even easier for you to safeguard those using your network.

Keep your data safe

We know our customers handle some very sensitive data, and people are more concerned than ever before about keeping their private information just that – private. With a wide range of products available to suit all security levels, we’ll make sure the only leaks you’ll be having are the ones in your soup.

Quick Response

When you’re looking to save money it can be frustrating having to wait around to see who’s going to give you the best deal. That’s why QNet prides itself on our quick customer responses, going as far as to advertise our current call-wait time!

We’ll always be committed to you

To make sure your business is always running smoothly we’re committed to being there when you need answers fast. We aim to go that extra mile, to provide the very best turnaround to your queries and make sure you get the products you want as quickly as possible.

We’ll explain things on your terms

Dedicated to being open, honest and the perfect listener. Here at QNet we’ll help everyone to understand what they’re getting. From talking you through a conundrum with terminology suited to your Average Joe, to discussing the finer pros and cons of the technology you’re looking at. Our team of broadband experts will make sure you understand what’s going on.

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