Most university graduates take a while to find their feet within their field. But three Tsinghua University graduates bucked this trend and have created facial recognition software for animals to help lost pups find their owners with.

Megvii, the Chinese AI brand behind Face++, has become one of the major AI surveillance companies in China.They’ve created software that can identify dogs by their noses, developed on the basis that dogs have unique nose prints. With Dr Davis Dorman, a professor of toxicology at North Carolina State University, previously stating that:

“Like human fingerprints, each dog has a unique nose print. Some kennel clubs have used dog nose prints for identification.”

Registering your dog’s nose for facial recognition software for animals is simple. All that’s needed is a smartphone! Simply use the camera to take a series of images of their snout from various angles. The images are then analysed and the software determines the critical identification markers.

This method currently allows for a 95% accuracy in identifying dogs that have their nose print on file. With the app having reunited 15,000 pets with their owners.

And Megvii claims this rate is only set to go up. As checking records against a “larger database” will result in more precise identification.Not the only use of facial recognition for animalsBut a Lassie-style reunion isn’t the only way this information is set to be used. Chinese pet ownership has sky-rocketed in recent years, with 91 million cats and dogs taking up residence in their cities.

This has seen a corresponding increase in complaints against pet owners, prompting the government to enforce stricter regulations.Nasal recognition technology will be used to monitor dog behaviour. Behaviours such as allowing their dogs to walk off of their lead or not cleaning up after them can result in a fine.

To reduce the number of dog owners allowing their pets to roam unsupervised owners of these unrestrained dogs can be traced using dog facial recognition software, alongside existing data.

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