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Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Launched by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as part of its Local Full Fibre Networks Programme, The Gigabit Voucher Scheme is a government-funded programme launched in 2017, aimed at assisting business and local communities in upgrading to a gigabit capable connection.

Why get a Dedicated Internet Connection with this scheme?

  • You’ll benefit from speeds of between 100 Mbps to 1Gbps (or 1,000 Mbps) – the average UK standard broadband speed which is just 11Mbps
  • It is crucial for supporting effective remote working, data back-up and cloud-connection, which assists everything from applications to hosted telephony
  • It’s highly scalable, reliable and quick, meaning you can provide exceptional customer service by reducing delays and downtime in high-traffic periods
  • It will help boost productivity amongst employees by reducing lag time and providing them with a connection they can rely on
  • Copper phone lines (used within standard broadband/ADSL connections) will soon become outdated – the DCMS plans to connect the whole of the UK with full-fibre broadband by 2033 as part of the government’s £200 million investment plan

What does the voucher cover?

Using one of our pre-registered packages, the Voucher contributes toward the following qualifying costs up to a maximum of £2500:

  • New circuit connection costs (or alternatively provides a monthly discount where we already offer free connection on a 3-year contract term)
  • Router hardware (up to £250)
  • Excess construction charges

How does the Gigabit Voucher Scheme work?

With this scheme you can claim up to £2,500 on your dedicated internet connection.

  • Call us on 01642 610720 or email to see if you’re eligible
  • If you qualify you’ll receive confirmation from the government
  • We’ll install your line and inform the government
  • We receive the government voucher once it’s been confirmed you’re live As an approved Government partner, QNet works to find our if you’re eligible and then carries out all the hard work to help you claim your voucher.

Are you eligible?

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme is open to small and medium businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Employ fewer than 250 people
  • Annual turnover of less than €50m and/or annual balance sheet total lessthan €43m
  • Have not received more than the permitted amount of de minimis aid in the last 3 years

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